As a non-profit organization we rely on donations from people like you who wants to join us in the fight against child trafficking and exploitation. Our administratives are already covered so all donations will go directly to support the work on the ground and protect children from being trafficked and exploited.

Financial support and partnerships
This is a crucial time in the fight against child trafficking. We are confident in that it is possible to eradicate child trafficking. But we can only succeed if working together. It is all our responsibility to end child trafficking, exploitation and abuse of children around the world.

Your donation will help us raise awareness and advocate for children’s rights and to scale the work of grassroots organizations working on the ground to protect children and prevent the horrendous crime of child trafficking.

Donations from Sweden
Support us by a donation by SWISH on 123 455 84 58
Swedish donors can also support one time or monthly by BG: 788-6062

International donations by IBAN/BIC
International donations can be made to our IBAN: SE74 6000 0000 0003 7253 2268

Partnership with Child10
In partnership with your company we can scale up our work against child trafficking and find durable solutions to prevent further exploitation of children. We have various kinds of sponsorship and partnership packages that can suit your level of involvement. Together we develop a plan for joint activities, communication and conditions. Swedish companies can also support our work through a donation by BG: 788-6062.

Contact jacob@child10.org for further information on our sponsor- and partnership levels.

Partnership with one of the awarded members in our network
If you or your company wants to support the work of a specific awarded member in our network we are happy to facilitate the connection and administrative procedures. Contact us on jacob@child10.org for further information.

Credit card donations and tax-deductible donations from United States
‍Through our fundraising partner King Baudouin Foundation you can make a donation that will help us make the unheard voices of these children heard and support the bold grassroot leaders working on the ground to combat child trafficking. Together and through joint actions we can increase their impact and strengthen the support for the most vulnerable children in our societies.

Donations can be made by credit card or check and donations from US citizens are tax-deductible!