Every year Child10 selects a specific theme and geographical area for the selection process. The chosen theme focuses on a specific issue that may for example be widely underreported or particularly vulnerable for deficiencies in the child protection system och specifically challenging for organizations working on the grund.

The selection process consists of an open nomination process open for the public where individuals and organizations can nominate candidates. The process also includes an out-reach work by the Child10 team for field visits and research in the region. In the ongoing search, in-depth due diligence work is conducted to evaluate the quality, sustainability and impact of the organizations.


”It’s our responsibility to end child trafficking”

The criteria for the selection of organizations are both individual for every candidate but also complementary to create a group of 10 that will benefits from each others experiences. For all organizations, an investigation is made of the organization’s:

  • Financesl and financial reporting
  • Child rights based approach
  • Procedures and protocols to prevent child abuse
  • The general aims and goals and impact of the work
  • Preventive work to reduce the risk of negative consequences of the actions implemented (so-called “Do no harm” principle)

The analysis of the organization, together with a description and assessment of the organisation’s operational work, is presented to the selection committee, which then decides which 10 organizations will receive support during the next year.