Girls’ rights have no price!
Girls trafficked and sexually exploited in Europe

Nominate an organization to become a 2021 Child10 Awarded Member

Almost one third of all victims of human trafficking in Europe are reportedly children, and most of them are girls trafficked for sexual exploitation. Girls may be trafficked from outside Europe, from one European country to another, but also domestically within the same country. Addressing trafficking and sexual exploitation of girls requires first and foremost that the victims are identified and given the help and protection that they need – including protection from being re-trafficked, but it also requires addressing the demand for these girls and ensuring that the traffickers and abusers are brought to justice. Very few organizations working on the ground have the resources and contacts to identify and support these girls. Child10 is now looking for ten organizations who are dedicated to stopping and preventing trafficking and sexual exploitation of girls in Europe.

The ten selected Child10 Awarded Members will:

  • Be invited to Sweden for a three-day Solution Oriented Summit and an Award Ceremony to receive their Award;
  • Work together with the other Awarded Members on joint actions, projects and advocacy to eradicate trafficking and sexual exploitation of girls in Europe
  • Receive a tailor made support program to scale the work of their organization as well as a 10,000 USD finincial grant.


We are now inviting you to nominate candidates for the Child10 2021 Award. All nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee under the following criterias:

  1. The Awarded Member has shown a bold, tireless and impact driven work to support girl victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation or who in a preventative way reduces the risk of girls becoming victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation.
  2. The Awarded Member has a strong human rights based approach where children are seen as carriers of their own rights in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  3. The Awarded Member shows a potential for, and strong belief and commitment in, collaboration and joint actions for scaling up their impact as a Child10 Awarded Member.
  4. The Awarded Member is engaged in operative work to support girls who are in, or at risk of, trafficking and sexual exploitation in at least one European country.

We highly appreciate you taking the time to nominate your candidate to become a Child10 Awarded Member for 2021. Only by working together and supporting each other we can eradicate child trafficking!