About Child10
Child10 is a Swedish based international children’s rights organization working towards eradicating all forms of child trafficking. This by supporting grassroot organizations around the world working with children at risk of exploitation and trafficking and enhancing collaborative impact.

Every year Child10 addresses a specific theme and selects and awards ten grassroot leaders from around the world for their brave and undue struggle to ensure the rights of the most vulnerable children and prevent the risk of child trafficking. The ten awardees are gathered for seminars and summits to increase their impact through joint actions and cross-national collaborations. They are also recognized with a financial grant and organizational support throughout the year.

For more information please visit https://child10.org

Job Purpose
Coordinate and facilitate Child10’s annual summits and program activities as well as taking part in the due diligence process and organizational analysis to select organizations.

Main responsibilities

  • Plan and carry out seminars, summits and conferences, both within the collaborative program as well as open seminars to spread knowledge about Child10’s annual themes and child trafficking in general
  • Coordinate program activities, including the individual and organizational support programs for the awardees
  • Draft reports of organizations to the selection committee through field visits and analysis and evaluations of organizations working to protect children from trafficking and exploitation
  • Research different themes and draft internal and external reports and communications plans
  • Activate, facilitate and nurture relationships in the Child10 network of previous awardees
  • Represent Child10 in contacts with stakeholders, partners and the public
  • Fundraising work for Child10 through project applications, business partnerships and philanthropists

Required skills and experiences

  • Knowledge of human rights and children’s rights in particular
  • Extensive experience of coordinating activities, events and projects
  • High administrative, pedagogical and communicative skills
  • High language skills in English, preferably additional languages. Swedish not necessary
  • Experience of international work and working with civil society organizations
  • University degree in for the position a relevant subject

Additional information
Requirement to work out of hours due to collaboration over different time zones.
The position is based in Stockholm, but with the possibility of occasionally working remotely or from home.
Requirement to perform international travels and overnight stays.
Hours: Full time 40h/week.
Contract: Permanent (6 months probationary employment).
Salary: Individual salary

Submit your application to info@child10.org by March 15th 2020 at the latest.

Contact information
Specific inquires about the position: Elise Thoen, Program Manager Child10
M: +46 793 37 93 58 E: elise@child10.org

General inquires; Jacob Flärdh, Secretary General Child10
M:+46 708 63 41 41 E: jacob@child10.org

It’s our responsibility to end child trafficking.
Make the unheard voices heard.