About Child10

Support program
The Child10 Awardees are awarded with an individual and organizational support program to scale their impact and improve sustainability in their operation. This support program is created through an ongoing dialogue between Child10 and the Awardee. It focuses on addressing specific identified challenges related to inter alia individual support to the Awardee and/or their staff, organizational support related to organizational and operational vision, strategy and structure, communication, funding or advocacy strategies/tools, impact measurements and/or support to implement specific projects. Child10 uses both internal and external resources to carry out its support program and seeks to make it as tangible and effective as possible.

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”We seek to identify best practices, preven­tative measures and protective mechanism against child trafficking from a child rights perspective.”

Program to enhance national and cross-national coordination and collaboration
Given the moveable nature of child trafficking, more coordination and collaboration is necessary to find durable solutions to end child trafficking. Child10 works together with our awardees on projects to strengthen both national and international coordination and collaboration between civil society organizations as well as with the government sector. We seek to identify best practices, preven­tative measures and protective mechanism against child trafficking from a child rights perspective.

Advocacy program
The importance of consulting with civil society organizations when setting policy and practice is well documented. It is however rare that grassroots organizations working on the ground have the opportunity to take part in such consultations. Their policy positions are also increasingly questioned: researchers challenge their evidence base and policymakers questions the feasibility of their recommendations.

Child10 seeks to shrink the gap between policy makers and grassroots organizations by enabling grassroots organizations to have their voices heard in key decision-making processes at national and international level. This is done by supporting grassroots organizations to improve their skills to develop and sustain communication channels with decision-makers, deliver clear messages and propose constructive and sustainable solutions instead of problem statements.

Strategic litigation program
Strategic litigation is a powerful means to establish and reinforce children’s rights at the national, regional and international level. All European countries have ratified the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) and in January 2020 the CRC was incorporated into Swedish law.

To contribute to a correct interpretation of the CRC in Swedish and European courts Child10 is building a European network of child rights organizations working with strategic litigation in similar legal climates, creating a forum where they can share their experiences, exchange ideas, discuss challenges and best practices, avoiding duplication of efforts through research and mapping of existing resources.



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