About Child10

It is all our responsibility to end child trafficking.

Child trafficking is an extremely complex political, socio-economical and legal problem. It is often facilitated through international organized crime groups, but also operates within the legitimate economy and is linked to global supply chains, shifting political landscapes and human development. Eradicating child trafficking therefore requires a multi faceted approach by examining a wide range of areas in our societies.

Our mission:

Our mission is to create a world free of child trafficking through a holistic approach focusing on prevention, victim support, legal action against perpetrators and minimizing demand, involving all actors in society and strengthening national and international coordination and collaboration in this field with a child rights based approach.


”It’s our responsibility to end child trafficking. Make the unheard voices heard”

Our work:

Building networks and empowering grassroots organizations working in this field
Child10 researches, selects and supports grassroots organizations dedicated to protecting children from trafficking and exploitation to scale their impact and sustainability. We build networks of organizations who complement each other to foster stronger national and international coordination and collaboration in this field, identifying synergies across nations and borders and facilitating joint advocacy to create durable solutions.

Awareness raising
Child10 seeks to increase knowledge about child trafficking in all public sectors in society, including on how to prevent and protect children, how to take action against those who abuse children as well as how to identify and support victims.

Child10 lobbies decision-makers to improve legislation, policy and practice to prevent and protect children from trafficking and exploitation and to implement tougher actions against those who abuse children. We seek to ensure a child rights based approach in policy development and legislation, working with grassroots organizations and supporting them to have their voices heard in decision making processes related to child trafficking and child protection.

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