About Child10

Around the globe there are exceptional individuals and organizations who are doing groundbreaking work to prevent and end child trafficking and violations of children’s rights. Many of them are working in extreme circumstances and creating remarkable change for children.

Child 10 was founded in 2014 to support these organizations who work tirelessly to protect vulnerable children from exploitation and trafficking. Children are forced to be hidden. Children disappear. Children are daily subjected to exploitation and abuse. Children are being sold. These children are living in our countries, our cities and our own communities, excluded from our official protection systems. The stories of these children are often untold, and their voices ignored or unheard.

”The stories of these children are often untold, and their voices ignored or unheard.”

The protective services provided by local organizations, working on the ground, directly with vulnerable children, are in many cases the only hindrance between protection or exploition, between safety and trafficking, between life and death. These organizations are making a life-saving difference for children many of us do not even know exists. Child10’ seeks to identify, gather and support these organizations, to facilitate cooperation, make their work visible and to help them scale their impact.

It is all our responsibility to end child trafficking.


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