About Child10

Together with leading civil society organizations, from around the world, we develop, share and spread powerful solutions to combat child trafficking.

The Child10 Awardees meet children around the world whose stories are untold, and their voice are often ignored or not listened to. Our mission is to make their voices heard and their rights inviolable. Through a child rights based approach and durable solutions that includes international collaborative work between civil society organizations as well as with the government sector we believe that we can end child trafficking.


Our advocacy work is always based on the perspective of the child and the immediate need to improve the prevention of child trafficking, protection of child victims and prosecution of all offenders involved in exploitation of children.

We believe that our voices are stronger together. We therefore welcome cooperation with all organizations and plattforms working in this field. Feel free to contact us at any time if you want to address a specific topic or issue and combat child trafficking together with us.

Send an email to ida@child10.org

”We believe that our voices are stronger together.”

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