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Every child has the right to protection from predatory criminals who turn the vulnerability and desperation of their victims into profitable exploitation. Despite progress being made over the last few years in terms of new protocols and improved legislation to prosecute traffickers, increased child protection measures and preventative strategies, millions of children are still being trafficked around the world. The global failure to protect these children is fatal. There is an urgent need for all governments and parties to enhance children’s rights, aim for durable preventative measures and bring traffickers and those who exploit children to justice.


”Now more than ever, children need protection from predatory criminals”

We see the following actions to be prioritized at global level:

  • Increased focus on the demand for child trafficking victims, the ones who are paying for and exploiting children in all forms of exploitation
  • Strengthen policy and legislative framework to protect children and prosecute traffickers and those who exploit children
  • Expanding safe and legal pathways for children on the move
  • Urgently increase data on the scale and patterns of child trafficking
  • Strengthening child and social protection systems in general and in particular in countries with widespread poverty or in conflict
  • Strengthen children’s rights and ensure each child’s individual assessment of their best interests in all actions related to prevention, protection and support
  • Improve cross-border coordination and collaboration and knowledge exchange between governments, international organizations and civil society
  • Increase public awareness about child trafficking


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