Children in all over the world are forced to be hidden, exploited, trafficked or forced into prostitution. The stories of these children are untold, and their voices are many times ignored and unheard. Every year, Child 10 gathers and awards ten exceptionally bold individuals from around the world for their everyday struggle for the most vulnerable children in our communities. The aim is to recognize and strengthen their brave and relentless struggle to protect children and prevent child trafficking, exploitation and violations.

To support to these exceptional leaders and increase their impact through joint actions we need your support! You can support our work and the work by the awardees by:

Donations from Sweden
Support us by a donation by SWISH on 123 026 20 30 
Swedish donors can also support one time or monthly by BG: 788-6062

International donations by IBAN/BIC
International donations can be made to our IBAN: SE29 6000 0000 0001 7154

Credit card donations and tax-deductible donations from United States
Through our fundraising partner King Baudouin Foundation you can make a donation that will help us make the unheard voices of these children heard and support the bold grassroot leaders working on the ground to combat child trafficking. Together and through joint actions we can increase their impact and strengthen the support for the most vulnerable children in our societies.

Donations can be made by credit card or check and donations from US citizens are tax-deductible!

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