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The theme 2017

When danger Becomes the safest route

More than 50 million children around the world are fleeing their homes due to war and conflict in pursuit of a better life. In the search for safety, these -children face the harsh reality of living as child refugees; constantly exposed to the -dangers of exploitation, violence and abuse. Children and their families are driven to make the difficult choice of deciding to stay in their unstable home countries or face danger in making their way to a safer alternative. After all opportunities and resources are depleted at home, danger becomes the safest route. The Child 10 Awardees work tirelessly to bring justice to these -marginalised -children and strives to ensure a brighter future for all children. This year’s -Awardees work across three continents, providing mental, physical, social and -legal support, education, and most importantly – a childhood for uprooted -children who need the love and warmth of adults the most. The ten grassroot children’s rights -activists are determined to eradicate the inequality and human rights violation many children face today.

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