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Children on the run

Poverty, violence, natural disasters and conflict have uprooted nearly 50 million children worldwide. These youngsters, who have been forcibly displaced or have run away from home, are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, sometimes leading very tough lives on the streets. The Child 10 awardees are a great example of grassroots ­initiatives to help these children break the cycle of abuse, giving them a platform to build a better future for themselves. From theatre workshops and art therapy to counselling, legal support and shelters for homeless children, these enterprises have one thing in common – they put the children’s needs first. Maybe for the first time in their lives they are being listened to and appreciated. Many children on the move have lost contact with their families, others have escaped abusive homes. These initiatives help bring families together, build better relationships and help raise awareness of the plight of children who have ended up on the street.

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