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Turning our tears into power

“We turned our tears into power” – These are the words of Sunita Danuwar, a trafficking survivor who is now a C10 Award winner. With a group of other female survivors, she founded and is the president of the Nepali organization Shakhi Samuha, which fights to give a dignified life for all survivors and prevents more girls from falling victims to trafficking. Her story, along with the countless other stories of vulnerable children, are difficult to take in. Victims of trafficking have no choice; these violating experiences are forced upon them. It is up to us to resist closing our eyes. To continue to see, listen, and understand. To feel the pain of this horrible injustice and turn our emotions into action. Sunita and her group of survivors have turned their tears into power, and we need to step up and follow their lead. We would like to recognize the ten winners of the 2014 C10 Award for their tireless work, inspirational leadership, bold solutions, and dedication to fundamentally changing the societal landscape that enables the trafficking of children. They all have done excellent work. Their achievements have impacted many different parts of the world and span across multiple aspects of trafficking – from prevention to protection to prosecution. Whichever aspects they work on, they all have transformed their insights into action.

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