Visiting the Awardees in Turkey and Greece

December 5, 2019

During the last week Child 10 have been in Turkey and met with Güngör Çabuk of theFamily Counselors Association in Antalya and Ezgi Yaman of the NGOs Network AgainstCommercial Exploitation of Children/Ecpat Turkey. We also visited Athens,Greece and met with Nantina Tsekeris and her team at Defence for Children International Greece as well as the CEO of the The HOME Project, Sofia Kouvelaki, and Yonous Muhammedi of the GreekForum of Refugees.

Thousands of children in the Southeast borders of Europe are at urgent risk of becoming untraceable victims of trafficking. During the last months the situations has become even worse with increasing arrivals and the uncertainty of revised child protection solutions that creates big challenges for all organizations working on the ground to protect children.

Child 10 is proud to honor such incredible individuals and organizations, who despite facing growing challenges on the ground, are more dedicated than ever to protect the most vulnerable children in our society. We look forward to welcome all ten awardees to the Child 10 Summit & Award, January 19-21, in Malmö, Sweden!