Searching for the next Child 10 Awardee

August 27, 2019

The Child 10 team has during the last months made several trips to countries around the Mediterranean to visit nominated individuals and organizations. During these field visits the team has met with exceptional people dedicated to protecting refugee and migrant children and prevent child trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

Our team has visited refugee camps, squats, shelters and parks as well as safe centers and NGO´s dedicated to combat child trafficking and supporting the rights of the thousand’s children on the move. We are very impressed by the amazing work from the organizations we visited who runs shelters, safe spaces and support centers, all crucial for providing protection and support for the most vulnerable children.

The selection period continues during the autumn and the Child 10 Awardees for 2020 will be announced on EU Anti-Trafficking Day on the 18th of October. The selected awardees will not only represent exceptional individuals but also a group of ten people who indifferent ways work against the exploitation of children, a group that complements each other and that can scale their impact together.