Glauco Iermano from the organization DEDALUS was the first Italian who won the Child 10 Award

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The cooperative DEDALUS has been working with integration for ten years and has welcomed over 4 thousand "sons" of refugee children in Naples. The coordinator Glauco Iermano is the only Italian to have won the "Child 10 Award".

From Gambia to the chaos of Piazza Garibaldi, the flow of tangled cars, the canopy of the new subway, arrivals, departures, an indecipherable intertwining of nationalities, languages, businesses; five euros in your pocket which in a rare telephone booth are just enough to say "ready". 

"But I was lucky," says Sulayman. Because among the possible alleys in Naples he has taken what leads to the Nanà Center, Dedalus social cooperative, "I am like their son". He came up well, elegant, smiling, unaccompanied ex-minor who today, 21 years old to work for days, works in turn with the migrant kids: “I found all the affection I wanted here”.

From user to operator. It is one of the specialties of the center, which has earned the coordinator Glauco Iermano the prestigious international "Child 10 Award” (the only Italian) for supporting over 4000 unaccompanied minors in the last ten years. Under his guidance the children are led towards a path of legality, inclusion and opportunity, and in this way protected from the risk of exploitation. By concentrating on the integration of young migrants, Glauco builds a society where "foreigners" are considered a resource and not a threat. Dilal, from Bangladesh to Naples, explains it in his own words and in perfect Italian: "Let's give one hundred percent, if we find someone with a big heart".

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