Ezgi Yaman, one of 10 prizewinners

This is a post fromthe organisation Ecpat (https://www.ecpat.org/news/ezgi-yaman-the-child-10-award/)

Our ECPAT colleague from Turkey, Ezgi Yaman, is among 10 child rights advocatesprizewinners of the Child 10 Award 2020 for their work to end childtrafficking in Europe.

Ezgi Yaman, theSecretary-General of ECPAT Turkey, has been working with the organisationsince 2011, protecting and preventing children from being trafficked andsexually exploited. At ECPAT International, we are proud of her work and tolearn more, we gave her a call.

We’re calling Ezgi onSkype from the ECPAT International office in Bangkok. The connection is not thebest, but Ezgi’s smile shines through even the worst connection. She saysshe never expected an appreciation like this. For many years, she’s beengiving counselling, support and training to sexually exploited children toempower them on how to protect themselves. The fact that her work and struggleare being appreciated gives her great motivation to keep up the good work.

-       When you‘re working in the field of civilsociety, you never expect an appreciation. You do things that you feel areright, especially when it comes to child rights. There’s no need for externalmotivation for me because I’m always trying to do my best,’’ Ezgi says,adding she’s going to work even harder after this award ceremony.

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