Child 10 Summit 2019 – New York

March 10, 2019

We are proud to announce that the Child 10 Follow-up Summit will be held at the UNICEF Headquarter in New York on May 19th – 21st. We continue our strive to learn and share the stories of the millions of children who live without papers - but not without rights. Our selected 2018 awardees will receive an exceptional opportunity to meet at the UNICEF Headquarter in to learn and share experiences, and together with invited experts explore new ways of speeding the work to ensure the rights of undocumented children and youth. Through joint actions and collaborations among the awardees the team of awardees will be able to strengthen the voice of the unheard – the voice of children who live without documentation or with undocumented family members.

Do you want to support us and the awardees in their actions? Reach out and let us know