Exhibition “The Lost Children” at the 2020 Child 10 Award Ceremony

During the 2020 Child 10 Award Ceremony in Malmö on 21 January, Child 10 wanted to put the spotlight on the thousands of children disappearing - either on their way to Europe, or travelling within Europe, desperately trying to find a safe place to live.

Unaccompanied children are daily becoming victims of sexual exploitation and rape. These children often become untraceable, failed by the official child protect systems, regularly exploited, nowhere to be found, with no one looking for them.

The Exhibition
To raise awareness about these children, the exhibition “The Lost Children” was shown outside Moriska Paviljongen, the venue for the Child 10 Award Ceremony. The exhibition is co-created with Part of More and is made out of disposable toys that have been painted black by children and youth who themselves have sought refuge in Europe. The color black is used to illustrate the uncertainty of how many such children exist and the darkness that they live in.

After the Ceremony
In addition, more than 250 stuffed animals were displayed around the venue with a hand written quote from a victim of child trafficking and exploitation. After the Award Ceremony, the stuffed animals were given as a gift to all delegates to remind them of these hidden, forgotten or ignored children living amongst us here in Europe, and the importance to continue to fight for their rights.

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