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This year, Child 10 wants to learn and share the stories of the millions of children who live without papers - but not without rights. We are proud to partner with the City of Malmö to enhance the collaboration between the public sector and the civil society for children's rights. To enable change, we need to come together, and open up for new insights through unexpected meetings. Join us in our struggle to make the unheard voices of ignored children heard!

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The Child 10 Awardees 2018 will be announced soon!

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awardees 2018


Innovation Law Lab

The principal of refuge in the US is at risk when a few individual attorneys are working alone on the ground, facing impossible challenges, as a result, many winnable cases are lost. The Innovation Law Lab created a crowdsourced tech platform to weave together thousands of individuals...


Sanna Vestin


The Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups strengthens the rights of asylum seekers by giving information and advice directly to families at risk along with groups and individuals supporting them. FARR is a much needed source of accurate and timely information on policing...



Ensamkommandes förbund

In 2011, Omid Mahmoudi arrived in Sweden alone. He experienced the struggles of other unaccompanied minors like himself. Their profound loneliness and hopelessness led him to found Ensamkommandes förbund, a community for unaccompanied minors to help them support each other to find a meaningful life...


Matilda brinck-larsen


Many youth seeking refuge in Sweden without their parents have been pushed out from the social welfare systems and have ended up on the move again. Agape provides safe shelter, connection and other critical support for them in their daily lives, all based on voluntary efforts from the civil society...


Jonathan ryan


Families belong together. They deserve equal access to justice, and they deserve support and respect long after this current crisis has passed. The mission of Raices is to help separated families, detained families, unaccompanied minors, and others who are...



Undocublack Network

An estimated 600,000 undocumented black immigrants live in the US. Their voices are seldom heard in the debate on migrants’ rights. As a response, the Undocublack Network creates safe spaces for undocumented black immigrants to come together, heal and organize...


Nora phillips

Al Otro Lado

Between 2009 and 2013, over half a million parents of US Citizen children were deported. Every year, thousands of families are separated in the United States, through mass arrests and deportation. This often occurs suddenly, leaving families little time to plan for the enormous changes wrought by separation...



Safe Passage Project

Thousands of unaccompanied children make the dangerous journey from Central America to the US seeking safety from violence and poverty. The vast majority qualify for relief, but are unlikely to win their cases without legal representation and therefore risk deportation...



Doctors of the World

According to Swedish regulations, healthcare should be provided based on needs, not on legal status, but undocumented children are repeatedly denied treatment. Doctors of the World runs medical clinics offering free access to marginalized groups. Care is provided through voluntary work from doctors, dentists, etc...



Skåne City Mission

Many vulnerable children and youth who sought protection in Sweden have endured a long migration process that has left them with an unclear future without sufficient protection and support. Skåne City Mission offers a safe space, hands-on help with food, clothes and legal advice to empower and help these young people...



Around the globe, there are exceptional individuals who dedicate their lives and passion to prevent and end the violations of children´s rights. Many of them are working in extreme circumstances and are creating remarkable change for vulnerable children.

Imagine if we bring those unknown heroes together. All their knowledge and passion in one room.  Just like G7, Child 10 gathers leaders to develop, share and spread powerful solutions to improve the world. The Child 10 Summit is an annual 48 hour exclusive face to face meeting in Sweden where the leaders meet their peers in a private setting. At the Child 10 Summit these child right heroes can take a deep breath, reflect over their work and being inspired. The aim is to  enable strategizing and boost their leadership and impact.

award forum

The annual summit closes with the Child 10 Award, a ceremony to honor courage, leadership and passion. Invited guests are given the opportunity to celebrate the Awardees and learn more about innovative methods to prevent violations of children’s rights. During the ceremony, the Awardees are rewarded with a financial grant.



Where & when
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Where & when
How to join

child 10 meetups

Do you want to spread the stories of children living without documentations, but not without rights? Do you want to invite others to be inspired by the courage of ten remarkble Child 10 Awardees? We invite you to arrange a Child 10 Meetup. You get access to live-stream the Award ceremony and tools to engage your audience. Help us bring Child 10 to your city!

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Watch the livestream from the Child 10 Award from December 4 2018 in Malmö, Sweden.

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