What is child 10

Child 10 was founded in 2014 by Sophie Stenbeck and Sara Damber to support children who are vulnerable and exploited, but also to combat the risk of child trafficking. In many ways the world is changing for the better, but at the same time children around us are living in extremely vulnerable situations - vulnerable to being exposed to violence and exploitation. Children are forced to be hidden, or disappear. There are children now in our communities, our cities and our countries, living completely excluded from our social systems and safety nets. The stories of these children are untold, and their voices, ignored and unheard.

Every year, Child 10 gathers and awards ten exceptionally bold individuals from around the world for their everyday struggle for the most vulnerable children in our communities. The aim is to recognize their brave and relentless struggle to protect and prevent child abuse, exploitation and violations, and to share their stories.

The selected Child 10 Awardees will receive an unique opportunity to meet, learn and share experiences during an exclusive summit in Sweden. They will also be awarded with acknowledgement, attention and the opportunity to receive financial support. The goal is to inspire, boost and speed up the work to end violations of children's rights.


The annual theme are drawn from the insights and learnings of the previous Awardee groups. Based on the theme, we are searching for aspiring Child 10 Awardees through our global nomination network. All nominations are screened and assessed against the Child 10 criteria:

- Be leading or driving an innovative work to support the rights of children (specifically within the theme) 
- Show a bold, tireless and result driven leadership
- Be a proven champion for spreading the children’s own testimonials and who are standing up for children’s rights

A final decision is made by the Selection Committee, consisting of theme experts and experienced philanthropic investors and leaders.

The summit and award program is dynamic and designed together with the Child 10 Awardees, based on the group needs and expertise areas. That includes up to 12 months of tailor made support opportunities such as being connected to expertise and advice capacities, network openings, and other development resources.  



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