”I have two options in my life: achievE the mission or dIE achieving the vision.”

“Receiving the Child 10 Award helped us put the spotlight on traumatized children.”

“I dedicate my life to giving voice, opportunity and hope to these children.”

Child 10 2020

Thousands of children who are on the run to Europe are missing and at great risk of becoming untraceable victims of trafficking. Especially the children who are unaccompanied, undocumented, unregistered or who disappear during the asylum process are at risk of falling victim to child trafficking in begging, slave labor and sexual abuse. To combat the risk of trafficking the immediate response of the transit countries is crucial to keep track of children and prevent future exploitation and violations. Child 10 are now looking for exceptionally bold individuals from the Mediterranean area who struggle to protect refugee and migrant children and prevent child trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

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March 18, 2019

Children in the hands of Europe

Trafficking of migrant and refugee children around the Mediterranean will be the focus for the Child 10 Award 2020. We are now inviting you to send your recommendations through nominating candidates for Child 10 2020.
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March 10, 2019

Child 10 Summit 2019 – New York

We are proud to announce that the Child 10 Follow-up Summit will be held at the UNICEF Headquarter in New York on May 19th–21st. We continue our strive to learn and share the stories of the millions of children who live without papers - but not without rights.
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Child 10 2019

In December 2018, the 5th edition of Child 10 Summit and Award were held in Malmö, Sweden, to celebrate and recognize ten brave child right’s grass root leaders and activists from Sweden and United States that are all working to support migrant children and youth in undocumented situations. During 2019, Child 10 continues to support the Awardees in their joint effort to impact the most vulnerable children in our communities.

CHILD 10 2019
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the theme 2018

without papers but not without rights

This year, Child 10 wants to learn and share the stories of the millions of children who live without papers - but not without rights. We focus on children without documentation, and the children who are at risk, or are living outside the society and social safety net. The best interest of the children should be a primary concern in decisions, regardless of the child's living conditions or legal status, but reality is a different practice.

Children without papers are particularly vulnerable to be exposed to violence, abuse and exploitation.

the awardees 2018

The Child 10 Awardees 2018 will be announced soon!

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AWARDEES 2018/2019

During 2018 -2019, Child 10 focuses to learn more about, and support, migrant children and youth living in undocumented situations. Children need to be safe from violence and exploitation. They need to be able to stay with their families, go to school, see a doctor and know that they matter. Children living without documentation are extremely vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and other deep traumas. We have awarded 10 brave child right’s grass root leaders and activists from Sweden and United States that are all working to support children without papers – but not without rights.


Innovation Law Lab

Sanna Vestin



Ensamkommandes förbund

Matilda brinck-larsen


Jonathan ryan



Undocublack Network

Nora phillips

Al Otro Lado


Safe Passage Project


Doctors of the World


Skåne City Mission



Do you want to join our mission to support vulnerable children and youth in our communities?

Here are three ways to do it:
- Share the message and speak out about the situation for undocumented and immigrant children!
- Open your heart and and have the courage to see and acknowledge children around you in need of support!
- Donate time, expertise or money to one of our Awardees. They need you to scale their impact!

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THE AWARD 2018/2019

On December 4th, invited guests were given the opportunity to celebrate the Awardees, learn more about the hard work to help children that are living without papers – but not without rights and get inspired how they can join the fight. We invite you to take part of the celebration.

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